John R. Goez

CEO / Filmmaker / Photographer

Dedicated cinematographer / photographer with more than a decade in the industry, his travels around the world filming and shooting has given him the knowledge he needs to accomplish any type of project you have. As a kid, he always dreamed about becoming a film maker and now he is proud to say his dream has become a reality.


Oscar Salas

Creative Director

Oscar specializes in brand development, design direction and creative strategy. With a degree in Marketing and Advertising he has an extended experience working with agencies in Latin America and the US. Oscar’s role at DFW is to oversee the creative process and give guidance to the creative team and to maximize our client’s potential in an everchanging market.


Gaby Goez Velasquez

Graphic & Web Designer / Creative

With a bachelor degree in Graphic Design and a minor specialized in Advertising, she has a developed eye for everything digital and print in varies industries. She focuses her life on creating brilliant UX/UI web designs, digital campaigns, illustration and brand identity. When she is not designing amazing stuff, she’s out skating around the different cities.


Ivan Higgins

Filmmaker / Editor

Radically in Brooklyn, New York, Ivan is a visual storyteller with extensive years of experience editing and filming. He’s been producing small to large scale marketing videos campaigns, influenced by cinematic techniques, his editing and filming skills together with his passion and teamwork makes him the right person to have behind a camera.


Ernesto Borges

Photographer / Director

An experienced visual communicator, who started his passion in sports and continues to be an active athlete, found his calling as an artist focused on Underwater Photography, Illustrator & Design. From creative concept to completion, Ernesto always strives to provide exceptional artistry and quality work ethic on any project large or small.


Miguel Acevedo

Photographer / Videographer

Dedicated photographer with a neutral and unique style, he specially in capturing the best in events like weddings, engagements, advertising campaigns, corporate, editorial and entertainment. His natural and beautiful touch give us a great value to overcome clients satisfaction both locally and worldwide.