July 2, 2018 Maria Velasquez


Content By Nidia Alejandra Velasquez


Today is an enigmatic day and a lot of mystery, where it is believed that there has been an extraterrestrial presence on earth. The enigma of whether we are alone or not in the universe has been a subject of study and much research.

PHOTOGRAPHY HAS GIVEN YOU TO KNOW. Thanks to the camera have been able to take amazing pictures, leaving humanity almost in shock and leaving evidence of the existence of UFOs in several places worldwide: in Arizona, in California, New Jersey, in the vicinity of Nashville-Tennessee , The air attack of Los Angeles, in the skies of Mexico near the volcanoes, Pรญata Beach in Brazil, in the medieval castle Muiderslot of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in Al Hayat in Saudi Arabia, in the island of San Pedro in Antarctica , in Peru, Hawaii, Miter Park in Argentina and stop counting.

The photographs taken by amateurs, by ordinary people or by tourists have left real evidence that we have been visited for years by aliens, being one of the most prominent The alleged spacecraft that crashed in the desert of New Mexico, in Roswell, County of Lincoln, United States, in 1947, where apparently there were even extraterrestrially wounded, choosing this day of celebration for the anniversary of this incident.

THERE ARE VIDEOS THAT WILL SURPRISE YOU. The video is another great resource to give evidence of these extraterrestrial beings, and it has been shown by pilots, soldiers, journalists, and ufologists.

A ufologist etymologically means the one who studies UFOs (unidentified flying object) and issues such as abductions and the concealment of governments.

Videos from a Super Hornet of the US Navy on the Californian coast that the Pentagon has made public. They have managed to make even videos with a smartphone from an airplane, recording the UFOs, like the one made by an Argentine pilot.

Nowadays also thanks to the technology of the satellites it has been possible to notice enormous unidentified flying objects moving at great speed, showing that we are not alone in this immense universe.

Most cases have been studied by Mutual UFO Network with the Acronym of (MUFON), a non-profit organization founded on May 30, 1969, with headquarters in Newport Beach, California, United States.

In charge of scientifically studying the UFO phenomenon, in some way benefiting humanity with its research.

ย Take your camera and your camcorder and see that vast sky and maybe some aliens may surprise you and you would have a great material to make known.

THE GREAT QUESTION… WILL THEY BE WATCHERS?ย If these extraterrestrial beings really exist and have come for years, maybe they are WATERS OF THE BALANCE IN THE UNIVERSE, that the human insists on altering with all the atomic tests and they are there, ready to intervene!ย A paper in your hand, Helio Aguiar.ย Pรญata Beach, in Brazil, April 24, 1959.

Illustration by Brothers Felix + Gaby Velasquez

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