June 24, 2018 Maria Velasquez

June is pride month 🌈

Each year, the month of June becomes more colorful with parties around the world, with the union of a specific community and the search for various rights we refer to the month of pride (LGBT) and that is why episode # 15 of the Friday the 30th is dedicated to this celebration. Let’s start by saying what these four letters mean: lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals. June is the month in which this community manifests itself in the streets of different cities of the world.




In the time of the decade of the fifties and sixties in united state years in which American society had various groups facing the authorities from the hippie movement the struggle of the rights of the black community and the homosexual community. The neighborhood Greenwich village in Manhattan was known for being a bohemian neighborhood and with several clubs for the gay community, consisting of homosexuals, drag queens, transvestites and prostitutes men. On the night of June 28, 1969, the riots began in this bar between the police and the gay community and lasted for 3 more days the following year to remember these events, the first gay pride march in the world was celebrated in New York.


Since we have these two significant backgrounds of LGBT and the history of the march of pride, we have to say that at present, the main goal in the whole world. The origin of the gay flag dates back to 1978 when the organization of the gay pride marches in California.


According to the rainbow flag, it is inspired by the song Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland, from the film the magician of Oz.
In the beginning, it had 8 color stripes representing the characteristics of the community.
* Rosa: sexuality.
* Red: life.
* Orange: health.
* Yellow: sunlight.
* Green: nature.
* Turquoise: Magic.
* Blue: Serenity.
* Violet: Spirit.

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