May 4, 2018 Maria Velasquez

How to Organize a Step-by-Step Portrait Session

You do not necessarily have to be a professional photographer to obtain wonderful portraits, and the secret is that you capture in each photograph the essence, feelings and emotions of your model so that in this way you can awaken the interest of the public.

Now when organizing a portrait session you must take into account all the elements that will appear in the photograph and the help you may need, that is why I will show you a series of steps to follow that will help you achieve excellent results at the time of making a portrait session.

  1. Become an Investigator.

That is, the first thing you should do is investigate the subject of the portrait you want to make. If you already have an idea of what your portrait will be like, you can feed your imagination even more by researching photos similar to those you already have in mind. You must also take into account the place you are going to make your portrait session because it should be consistent with your theme.

If you want to work in open spaces, never forget to take into account the weather conditions of the days close to the session so that you can take the forecasts in case of an unexpected storm.

With respect to your model it is important that you choose well because this will be the face of your portrait, you must take care of every detail so you can have a stylist who highlights the beauty of your model, as well as choosing a wardrobe that is in harmony with the makeup and the place where you are going to make the portrait session. It is significant that you consider signing a contract with your model for the transfer of image rights so that you can ensure your rights to display them on your website or social networks.

Maybe by the time of the portrait session you may need the help of an assistant to help you with the lighting or to set up the stage or anything that may arise unexpectedly, it is not necessary to have an extra hand.


  1. Organize!

Never forget to go to the site before doing a portrait session, this with the purpose that you can organize your ideas, know where to place your model, in the same way, that you must know your team so that they can coordinate on the day of the session. In the case that your model is not a professional, it is very important that you do a training with respect to how you should model in front of the camera and in this way you can manage much better.


  1. Day of the Session

That day you must arrive before the scheduled time to refine details; verify that the lights work correctly, give advice to your model indicating how you should pose so that you know what you have to do during the session.


  1. The Edition

It is advisable to let the photograph rest a few days, in this way you will be able to see the portraits that you have taken in a more detailed way and begin to make the adjustments to your model and even the background of the image, always taking care not to abuse them.


  1. Portrait ready to deliver!

By having your work ready, you can deliver it in a pen drive, cd, send it to the mail or you can even deliver it in physical format if your client wishes it.

Putting these steps into practice I assure you that you will achieve extraordinary results.


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