April 29, 2018 Maria Velasquez

Convert your videography, photography or graphic design passion into a business

Digital Photographers, an innovative service, taking advantage of the computer age.

As a business, we can include Digital photography, since it is proven that human beings think and remember mainly in images and most of the time we make purchasing decisions based on what we imagine.

The Digital is the future and the present since the analog development has descended.

Wake up the creative and business sense to start the Photography business.

Choosing Digital Photography is a great advantage to start a business because you simply do promotion in all possible ways: social networks, business cards, direct contact with a possible client – you have several ways to choose and do the job well, The advertising will be done by word of mouth.

See how many advantages:

  •  The initial investment is minimal, with a Digital camera and Internet access, you can start now!
  •  It is a market that continues to grow.
  •  You have the freedom to allocate time for different projects.
  •  It can be done in free time.
  •  The market is broad, it can be expanded internationally.
  •  You work from the city you want.
  •  Convert what you like or passion in a business.
  • You can resort to technology, without having to spend in a local.
  • The need to go to a store to see photos or reveal disappears, the virtual store gaining ground.

The field of Digital Photography is wide: sports photography, documentary, for clothing stores, shoes or accessories, artistic photographs of people, cities, landscapes or natural phenomena, of parties, of weddings, graduations, photographs of pets, business, catalog products, etc. and you can highlight scanning, modifying and personalizing photography, advertising, assembling printed or virtual catalogs, powerpoint presentations, making prints for clothes, advertising on the network through posters.

The aim is to create innovative and creative works of digital art, which you can print as well as present on the computer, websites, etc.

You must know very well the equipment with which you will work, lenses, shooting speed and handle basic concepts, techniques, light management, approaches, etc.

You must have knowledge of photography, know the software of graphic design, image processing. Learn all about photoshop and other tools to edit the images without leaving aside any trend.

Appreciate art as it is a source of inspiration for a Digital Photographer.

The main thing is to have a business plan since behind each successful entrepreneur there is a solid management team (qualified both as the team to start or execute this new venture.)

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Execute an action or activity in an effort and planned manner.

BUSINESS PLAN: It is an objective and organized way to start a project.

The main thing is to be clear about the vision: how you want your business or company to look in the coming years and the mission: the purpose or reason d’être of the company.

Having only one business plan will not prosper, the effort, perseverance, and determination to reach the goal itself, that is why it is important to establish clear and achievable goals, with times or times and dates to reach those goals and Having short-term achievements will help you stay on target, between present and future destiny.


You have to identify the potential client, knowing the age, sex, location, purchasing power, where they go, where they visit, where they buy, what they read, etc. and you can collect all that information through social networks or forums.

Creating empathy with the client will take you to have a foot forward, practically studying your senses: what you think, what you feel, what you look at, what you do, what you say, what you hear.

The marketing plan is the leaf of the route that should guide your photography business, with this plan you create the strategies to reach the objectives.

At this point what you have to do is have a clear method of doing things, measure what you do and evaluate the results to be able to modify your actions. The marketing plan should help you find your mistakes and the ways to improve, if you do not, you will have lost your time.

Bring yourself concrete objectives that can be measured and that allow you a specific planning, involves the design of an action plan and its execution.

You must manage the information of what you do, what your competition does, what your ideal client needs or wants.

Get Ready for 2018! If you would like to capture great and affordable images for your upcoming marketing event, advertising campaign or branding, we are a loyal and efficient media source available for any videography, video or graphic design.

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