November 7, 2017 Maria Velasquez

Inspirational captures for your next business conference

While Inspiring your clients and increasing the value of your company, picking the right photographer for your next event, is not an easy job; plus, if you are looking to have an everlasting and well done conference at the right price and with the right team.

Documenting a complete and well done photo coverage includes a lot of important things that can’t be put of the side,   telling the right story, understanding your audience, following the schedule, listen to every speakers, as well as reconnecting with that powerful source of knowledge that everybody meet together to talk and share. There’s always a good way to accomplish this, the following tips will guide you to make it happen in the the right way ideal for what your business is looking for.


Follow this list of multiple shots will guide you to positively impact your business  re-inspiring and challenging your next conference in a creative perspective experience.

Our conference shooting includes:


Introduction to the team, the idea is all to be connected and communicate between each other anything that appears in the meantime.


Plan and organize the schedule,  amount of people, any artistic shot or specific details an hour before the event starts.


Try to keep a positive aptitude in front any problems


Have the right gear as tripod, multiple lens, lighting  as well as the right setting for the camera


Don’t be afraid to stand up, be secure and confident about any shot.


Quality is better than quantity, the quality of shots matters far more than the quantity. When photographing presenters, find a good vantage point, frame your shot, hold your camera steady and wait for that moment of expression, the gesture or glance that portrays their personality, to make your picture.


Work in discreetly, try to keep your camera in silence, while moving around with precaution, trying to not disturbing the procedure, flash images are something to talk before, and in that case if they wanna have it you may take breaks between.


Tell a Story, keep an eye out for themes and details, colours, logos, features that make this conference different to others and make it unique.


Show that warmth vibe, capture expressions, smiling, people shaking hands,  Look out for interaction, people sharing ideas in conversation, handshakes, gestures and smiles. Laughter during presentations is always welcome. If a speaker is crackings lot of jokes, try to anticipate an opportunity to focus on the audience and catch their reactions.


Take the environment and included on your shots, find a way to portray the grandeur of the occasion. Maybe the location has particular features that you can bring out, or maybe the coloured stage lighting is a great focal point. Whatever it is, make it look as busy and impressive as possible.




Clean & Efficient Delivery

Once you’re home from the conference, it’s time to getting cracking on post-production as soon as you can. It’s likely the pictures will be used for online marketing as soon as they’re delivered. To keep your client happy, ask them how soon they want them so you can agree a realistic turnaround. Remember, they’re not art shots, so they won’t need any elaborate correction or retouching. Clean, crisp and well lit shots will do the job just fine and allow you to keep the client happy.


Give the client what they want, conferences are about building bridges between businesses, so document the networking going on within the room. You may well not know who is who, but even more reason to catch those conversations happening, just in case it’s an important connection.


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